Bhagavata Subodhini Canto 5 & 6



Bhagavata Subodhini Canto 5 and 6

The spiritual feelings and emotions portrayed by the characters inSrimad Bhagavatam become our own when we position ourselves in their shoes.Allow an irresistible sentiment of devotion enter our hearts by trying to understand their exemplary attitudes and responses in trying situations. Also get a glimpse of the workings and structure of cosmos which lies hidden from the imperfect vision of modern cosmologists.

Enter fire and it will burn you

Nature of the material world is that it is entangling! Witness the wondrous working and influence of the material nature on a dispassionate renunciant, Maharaj Priyavrata, who enters into her arena. His unexpected ‘entanglement,’ phenomenal activities, exalted dynasty, and finally liberation is a subject matter worth reading and contemplation. 

Ideal rule, ideal teachings, ideal renunciation

Troubled by the monarchy of exploitative monarchs, the modern world transformed into the Secular states. Get the first hand experience of the original servant monarch, King Risabhadev. An exemplary reign like his is sought by intelligent subjects. The incomparable rule, superexcellent activities  and teachings of King Rsabhadev, discussed in the pages of Srimad Bhagavatam, is inspirational for all time to come.

Carelessness – Lord saves but not without teaching a lesson

Are you callous and careless in your spiritual practices? You won’t remain after knowing the saga of King Bharat, whose little inattention costed him two extra births to attain the Absolute Truth.

Instructions from a palanquin carrier

Heard of stories wherein a king becomes a pauper and a pauper a king! In this narration, an ordinary palanquin carrier turns out to be a learned sage and the king to be an ignorant common man. Herein, Jada Bharata humbles King Rahugana by subdueing his pride with words of knowledge. Exposing the happiness that pervades this world as mental concoctions, Jada Bharata uncovers the ignorance of King Rahugana about his real position.

Naked form of material world

A word of caution! This narration exposes one’s sinful desire, one’s precarious situation in family life, one’s miscalculation of happiness and worthless endeavour for happiness. A materially attached person might find this harsh truth to be unpalatable.

Seeing the unseen cosmos through the eyes of Scriptures

Be ready to make a leap of faith to accept the Vedic model of the universe. Imperfect senses see even the obvious things imperfectly. Scriptures are perfect. They show things as they are. 

Eager to Sin? Think once

Hell and heaven are not myth. Of course they are consciousness, but places too. This narration describes about the workings of the criminal department in the cosmic management. A soul with criminal activity has no way to escape but to reform. The graphic description of 28 hells and the kind of punishment the accused undergo there is dreadful.

The Glorious Holy name of the Lord

A story of a young pure hearted Brahman who was lead off in a most unruly fashion by the senses and the mind, in the association of a prostitute. Although destined to enter hell, still how he attains liberation by utterance of the holy name of Narayana forms the central theme of this account.

Opposing services – common goal

A practical example of how two bonafide servants can have two conflicting services from the same master. An instructive narrative of Prajapati Daksha and Narada Muni!

Pride – cometh before the fall

When a person becomes proud, he is already fallen. What happen later are just details! Srimad Bhagavatam showcase the mistakes of great personalities like Indra to warn practicing devotees against the evils of pride.

Opportunity for service even in curse

Behold the attractive qualities of a devotee, whose all activities are directed only for the pleasure of Lord Hari. This inspiring account of the Maharaj Citraketu’s gold- standard devotional service beautifully portrays that a devotee lives to serve and dies to serve.

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Title                   : Bhagavata Subodhini Canto 5 & 6
Author                : Bhaktivedanta Vidyapeeth
ISBN                   : 978-93-81283-41-7
Publishing Year  : 2016
Binding               : Paperback
No. of Pages       : 350

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