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Tulsi Books is a publishing house based in South Mumbai, with its distributors and suppliers located all over the world. The publishing house is a division of Sri Tulsi Trust, Mumbai and has been actively publishing and distributing books since 2009.

The central mission of Tulsi Books Publishing House is to deliver high quality, scholarly books to readers and serve the diverse interests.

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“The Journey Home is generational classic. It’s a tale of adventure, humor and love. A must read for seekers of all sorts.”
SAURAV GANGULY, Former captain of the Indian Cricket Team
“A stunning story worth reading. Radhanath Swami’s journey from external to the internal world is awe-inspiring.”
B.K.S. IYENGAR YOGA, Founder, Iyengar Yoga

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Gifting Books

We have a dedicated team who strive for perfection,commitment to quality and good taste, making a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. Please contact us to know more about gifting options.

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We give out review copies to bloggers, retailers, librarians, and media outlets in exchange for an honest review.

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