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Karna on Trial deftly cast away myriads of misconception about the enigmatic ‘unsung hero’ unveiling his true position in Vyasdeva’s Mahabharata.

In the Mahabharata , shalya describes Karna’s valour during the final battle between Arjuna and Karna – ‘Karna was like the desire tree and fulfilled the wishes of anyone who made any demand , just like birds seeking shelter from a tree. Karna always gave regardless of the consequences.Then why is Karna, in the introduction to the great epic , referred to as the trunk of a bitter tree ? this brings us to the question of what constitutes righteous conduct ?



Title                   : Karna on Trial
Author                : Govinda Das
ISBN                   : 978-9381283332
Publishing Year  : 2016
Binding               : Paperback
No. of Pages       : 162

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2 reviews for Karna on Trial

  1. HIMANSHU PRIYADARSHI (verified owner)

    Before reading this book, I used to adore the character of Karna, to the extent that I used to strongly retaliate when someone pointed out anything negative about this character. Now, I realize that it was the effect of the television sop operas intended to promote and capitalize on Karna-like tendencies in our heart. We know what is good for us- individually as well as collectively, but still we procrastinate treading the path of the holistic welfare citing lame and abominable excuses for justifying my selfish passion which destroys the fabric of the family, society, and the world – needless to say that the individual also suffers pathetically because of this impotence to tread the path of eternal long-term welfare trading it off with puny short term paltry gains.

    What helped me in shedding my misconceptions was the appeal of the author to be open-minded while reading the book.

    I heartily express my profound sense of gratitude to the author and the publication team for bringing out this masterpiece which will help us correct our fatal psychology.


    nice book

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