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    Voice your Choice

    Life is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. In fact life is a series of choices. Happiness is a choice. So is misery. Honesty is a choice; so is dishonesty. However, in essence, the only choice every human ever has is to allow either internal voices to influence one’s external choices; or to allow others’ external choices to influence internal voices. By tuning in to one’s inner voice, ably guided by the time-tested wisdom of scriptures, one learns the fine art of voicing his choice; thereby becomes like a coconut – tough externally but soft internally and lasting many seasons. But if one chooses to hear others voices, then one becomes like a lichee -soft and sweet externally but hiding a seed of internal frustration and eventually lasting only one short season. ‘Voice Your choice’, is a collection of thought provoking articles that distill the mature wisdom of Mahabharata and Ramayana to assist one in empowering the inner voice.

    Choosing choices, is our right and the

    consequences are our responsibilities.

    "In reality, life is dynamic, and can be likened to an incalculable river, one must learn to adapt and navigate through its's depths to successfully cross it without drowning. the journey is vastly different from taking a dip in an artificially built square swimming pool with a specific depth. Life is complex and with many layers. and with the peeing of each layer deeper and more subtle layers are revealed. Unsurprisingly, well-informed individuals see the choices behind so-called "accidents" or sudden outbursts.However those with limited insights, helplessly deduce life to something full of entanglements and a series of bad incidents.    
  • Wisdom Tree

    Wisdom is the art of converting an experience into learning. Every experience one undergoes in the course of life is like a seed. The learning that comes out from that experience is like a tree. The biggest of trees manifest from the smallest of seeds. How easy it is to misjudge the depth of content that is stored in the tiny seed! If only we could learn to decode the hidden wisdom contained in every experience, life would become a journey of learning, rather than a series of frustrating experiences. The Wisdom Tree is a book that helps you see the world from the perspective of a learner.
  • From the early 1970's to the end of her life, yamuna devi lovingly conveyed a large , parchment paged binder to each ashram she reside in "The Deity Book", as it was dubbed was placed in the temple room, and guest who perused it frequently asked Yamuna to Publish it. before her passing , we planned to pursue its publications, and the study of seva- is our humble attempt to honor Yamuna devi's wish.    


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