Janmashtami – Wonders of The 8th Child


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it is Krishna who says in the Bhagvad Gita 4.9

Janma karma ca me divyam

evam yo vetti tattavatah

tyaktva deham punar janma

naiti mam-eti so’rjuna

the more we hear about the appreance of Krishna and His divine pastimes , the more assured we are of exiting the merry-go-round of birth and death and going back to him


Janmashtami Wonders of the 8th Child is an attempt to evoke sublime emotions to enable a truly loving bond with Krishna through his many childhood adventures embellished with deep philosophical insights

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Title                     : Janmashtami – Wonders of The 8th Child
Author                : Shubhavilas
ISBN                   : 9789381283660
Publishing Year  : 2019
Binding               : Paperback
No. of Pages       : 156

Category :  Self Help / Story Book

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