Voice Your Choice – Ethics From Epics (book 2)



Choosing choices, is our right and the

consequences are our responsibilities.

“In reality, life is dynamic, and can be likened to an incalculable river, one must learn to adapt and navigate through its’s depths to successfully cross it without drowning. the journey is vastly different from taking a dip in an artificially built square swimming pool with a specific depth. Life is complex and with many layers. and with the peeing of each layer deeper and more subtle layers are revealed.

Unsurprisingly, well-informed individuals see the choices behind so-called “accidents” or sudden outbursts.However those with limited insights, helplessly deduce life to something full of entanglements and a series of bad incidents.



Title                   : Voice Your Choice – Ethics From Epics (book 2)
Author                : Govinda Das
ISBN                   : 9789381283578
Publishing Year  : 2018
Binding               : Paperback
No. of Pages       :260

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