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Evolve - 2 minute WisdomEvolution conveys change, growth and elevation. When seen from a biological perspective it conveys evolution of the species from having lower abilities to those having higher abilities. A diametrically different way of seeing evolution is to see it from the perspective of evolution of consciousness.

In Biological evolution the change happens externally. But in the evolution of consciousness the change happens internally. Handling external changes is task of nature and handling internal changes is the task of spirit. Biologically evolution may be debatable but in terms consciousness evolution can be experienced.

‘Evolve’ is a book which helps us handle and make internal changes and thus facilitate the evolution in our consciousness. ‘Evolve’ is about growing lotuses in a desert.

How can lotuses grow in a desert? A heart which is fearful of uncertainities, lacking confidence, negative in its approach, always conflicting and having no goal, is like a desert. Even a parched desert can grow lotuses if it rains continuously for days together.

“This 2 minute wisdom of ‘Evolve’ is like a incessant shower of rainfall on our hearts. Thus facilitating our desert like hearts to grow lotuses.”

When one learns to overcomes fear and tolerates difficulties, one starts living a life of self-confidence and positive attitude. This positive attitude helps him to forgive others of their shortcomings and live with them in unity, thus making life meaningful and making ones own destiny beautiful. This is the series in evolution.

When one does not have wisdom, one behaves like a leaf of a ‘touch-me-not’ plant, which shrinks its leaves at the slightest touch or a drop of water. The drop of water is compared to calamities that come into life. When one becomes like a ‘touch-me-not’ plant, one becomes sensitive to even small provocations. One starts whining at small things, shrinks when calamities come and blast on those who touch him.

‘Evolve’ deposits a waxy coating of wisdom on the leaf of your life. When one has abundant wisdom, one behaves like a leaf of a lotus plant. The same drop of water which could shrink the leaf of a ‘touch-me-not’ plant, does not even stay on the surface of a lotus leaf. The drop immediately slides down the leaf. The flow of water does not even leave a scar on the leaf as if the water never even fell on the leaf. Similarly, for one who has wisdom in his life, calamities do not affect him and they do not even leave scars of nightmare.

Thus evolve signifies the evolution from a ‘touch-me-not’ leaf to a lotus leaf.

This book will act as guide for the seeking. Pick it, read it, follow it and feel the guidance of the divine in your lives.

Price: Rs.125.00

Chapters in the book

1. From Fear To Hope
2. Art Of Tolerance
3. Stop Worrying, Start Living
4. Achieving Self-Confidence
5. The Power of Positive Attitude
6. Forgive And Forget
7. Unity Is Strength
8. Make Your Destiny

About Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami - An AuthorBorn in Chicago in 1950, Radhanath Swami, sets out to wander the world on a spiritual quest. Arriving in India in 1970, he lives the life of a wandering mendicant, travelling both outwardly and inwardly. Within months, his young world is augmented by experience, realization, soul-stirring revelations and near death experiences. He imbibes the teachings of great yogis, monks, and gurus including Swami Sivananda, Swami Rama, Swami Satchitananda, Swami Chidananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Ananda Mayi Ma, Neem Karoli Baba, Muktananda, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. He meets lepers and Naga Babas, contemplative Buddhists and mystic yogis. Living in Himalayan caves, forests and under trees, he moves through the subcontinent with a thirst for “the truth” that is rarely seen. Fasting and meditating for a month on the Banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh, he hears the celestial sound of mantras emerging from the Holy River.

Each experience brings him closer to the core of India’s mystic teachings and to the divine love he has been seeking. He reveals all in “The Journey Home”, a penetrating account into the heart of a seeker, filled with humor, adventure, wisdom, and inspiration. Perhaps not since, Autobiography of A Yogi, has such a lucid and intricate tale of one man’s revelation of the soul been so wonderfully recounted. As a man of infinite depth and grace, his life story offers all who hear it, an infinite wisdom.


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